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Parentpoints is the only service of its kind when it comes to providing superior products and services to clients and backing up our commitment to excellence by standing behind those products with a team of talented professional speakers, business leaders, technical gurus, educators, and other subject-matter experts communicate what they know to you make a difference. Our consultants are available to coach, train and conduct workshops, seminars, keynotes and staff developments services.


Parentpoints is committed to educating professionals, community leaders and parents. We focus on the importance of providing outstanding support and training tools, workshops, and seminars to address the need to work collectively to rebuild our families and restore balance in our communities. Many experts offer sound advice, either via television, magazines, or the internet. Very few offer packaged tools or products that can place you on the path to success. Our commitment does not stop there, we intend to continually monitor, research, and communicate information pertinent to obtaining positive results and implementing those upgrades and enhancements necessary.


Through continuous networking with subject matter experts, parents, teachers and guides, exchanging dialogue and feedback as well as support, we are positioned to continue to provide long-term solutions for success.


Parentpoints understands that we cannot do it alone. It takes a concentrated effort on the part of everyone to make a long and lasting influence. Responsibility starts from the top down. A responsible member of society stands to be more productive and successful in life, business and education.


We are extremely excited about what we do here at Parentpoints, and you will be also!

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